The men that Ashley training under back in 1995

Brief S.A Kenpo Karate History
1969-Mas.Brian Wiehahn started Kenpo
1970-Mas. Wiehahn opened the Tiger Academy of Martial Arts (TAMA)
1982-Cobe Jephta started Kenpo with Mas. Wiehahn under TAMA,being introduced by Glen Wellen and with Djamile Rossouw,Denver Thompson,Fuad Jacobs,Leon Slingers,Troy Wyngaardt among others, taking classes in Mas. Wiehahn’s absence
Continued other M Arts Styles, namely TKD, Kyokushin,Shun Wu Tang Kung Fu,Judo etc
1987-Mas.Wiehahn aligned TAMA with Ed Parker Kenpo Karate
1988-Mas.Wiehahn organised GB Patel Memorial Team Champs with 4 Teams namely; Oyama,Ashihara Honbu,Ebden Ashihara Dojo & Kenpo Karate, the first Kenpo Karate Champs in S.A
This Champs was featured on National TV
1992-TAMA became a founder member of the newly formed Karate Association of Western Province
Mas.Wiehahn went to Jersey Island to train under Master Roy Mc Donald in IKKA, taking Senior Blue Belt with, Micheal Thomas
1995-Mas.Wiehahn aligned TAMA with Chinese Kenpo Style of SGM Chuck Sullivan & GM Vic Le Roux,Senior Students of FGM Ed Parker
1997-Mas.Wiehahn sadly passed away. TAMA, was continued by Cobe Jephta, third degree black belt at the time
1998-C. Jephta restructed the Academy
2000-C. Jephta launches first Inter-Kenpo Karate Champs in S.A
2001-C. Jephta changed & registered TAMA to Tiger Academy of Martial Arts .SA (TAMASA).
Continued training & teaching the Chinese Kenpo Karate Style primarily Style, but with no international affiliation, although the international associations continued
Also changed TAMASA emblem to S.A Kenpo Karate, as at current
2002-C. Jephta started training Neighbourhood Watch,Police &Traffic Officers,Prison Wardens, Security Personel & Body Guards
Gathered researches & created Instructor Course for TAMASA
2004-C.Jephta created Basic & Advanced Unarmed Training Courses for Security, Body Guards & Private Individuals
2006-C. Jephta initiated ‘Kidz & Youth @ Risk Program in collaboration with Mitchell’s Plain Schools in partnership with Safe Schools & the assistance of wife Geneva Jephta, Kim Jephta, Craig Jephta & Students, Leon Bailey & Shireen Theron
2008-C. Jephta launches first Inter-School Kenpo Champs in S.A with support of Department of Education & help of school principals, senior students;Leon Bailey,Timothy Lotter,Kim Jephta,Craig Jephta,Rosco Saptow & Marius Holl
2010-C. Jephta launches first Invitational Kenpo Champs in S.A
2012-C. Jephta received “Life Achiever Award” at District Sports Awards,
2013-TAMASA Kenpo Karate featured in 1st edition of Chi & Health Int. Mag.
2014-C. Jephta, Craig Jephta & Mel Jephta received certificate of recognition by City of Cape Town for Dedidcation, exemplary service and honouring commitment in improving & transforming lives of others selflessly in making the City a Better place
Had 3rd Annual Invitational Kenpo Champs
GM Dennis,Head of AmeriKick & family doing grading & training at TAMASA Kenpo Karate head quarters
Further history continued in website soon